Behind The Bricks | Cantinero’s Edition

The heart of Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen wouldn’t be what it is if we didn’t have such an amazing team. As we present our 4th edition of “Behind The Bricks”, we wanted to feature our bartenders who work so hard to create and present a big part of what we are! Not only are they responsible for delivering our Signature Margaritas and other cocktails, they also maintain an excellent work ethic, great attitude, and provide positive and memorable experiences for our customers. With that being said, read below to get to know the people responsible for your favorite Gabbi’s cocktails!

Alex Barrios | employed 3 years | signature cocktail: “El Viejo: Cantinero’s Choice, because it allows me to be creative with the seasonal ingredients we have on hand” | favorite dish: “Puerco Poc-Chuc, a Gabbi’s classic comfort food!” | other hobbies: “I love meeting the mix of people I meet at Gabbi’s. When I’m not working, I am finishing my studies, surfing, and enjoy sunsets with my girlfriend and puppy”

Gabriel Trujillo | employed 2 years | signature cocktail: “I enjoy making any cocktail. My goal is to always have our guests love what they ordered. I love providing high quality experiences to everyone” | favorite dish: Tacos de Camarones and Carnitas Norteñas | other hobbies: “I am a sports fanatic. My favorites are the Dodgers, Lakers, Cowboys, and Kings. I also love to travel and spend time with my nieces and nephews”

Javier Door | employed 3.5 years | signature cocktail: Jalapeño Pepino Margarita | favorite dish: Empanadas de Viento, Pozole Verde, Tacos Puebla | other hobbies: “I love creating new cocktails and providing a great experience for my customers. When I am not working, I love to spend time with my kid!”

Francisco Gonzalez | employed 4.5 years | signature cocktail: “Pisco Sour because I really put an effort into making this cocktail to perfection!” | favorite dish: Tlacoyo de Aguacate because of all the elements of seasonal flavors” | other hobbies: “I love the fact that I can be myself with our customers and coworkers. When I am not at work, I like to work on my motorcycles and spend time with my little girl”

From left to right: Alex Barrios, Gabriel Trujillo, Javier Door, and Francisco Gonzalez

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