Behind The Bricks Vol. 3 | Violeta Ramirez



Behind The Bricks Vol. 3 | Violeta Ramirez


Manager | Events Director

As we launch our third installment of our series “Behind The Bricks”, we wanted to spotlight Violeta Ramirez: Manager, Event Director, and Bartender. Violeta has been with us since 2011 and has added much value to our team. Her creativity, eye for detail, and leadership stands out and plays an important role in the overall success of our restaurant. She is a team player and sets an excellent example to our team.

Violeta’s creativity always reflects on our restaurant from day to day operations as well as holidays and special events. “One of the most exciting parts of my job is the creative aspect. I am able to add my personal touch by creating pieces that accent the restaurant, whether it is the flower arrangements, centerpieces, or creating the final presentation of our cocktails”. She has been responsible for creating beautiful and festive atmospheres for holidays like Dia de los Muertos, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and is also responsible for our visual displays at different events. Her creativity makes Gabbi’s stand out from the rest while also staying true to Gabbi’s culture and aesthetic.

As a manager, Violeta plays a key role and is a true team player which reflects in her attitude. “Everyone at Gabbi’s plays an important role, from the front to the back of the house” she says. “When its crunch time, everyone works hard to get things done and provide the utmost service. We have a strong team, a family.” We couldn’t agree more!

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