Taste of Mexico: Mexico City


For the second installment of our “Taste of Mexico”, Chef Gabbi will explore the Mecca of Mexico’s modern gastronomy. Mexico City is vastly considered as one of the best food cities in the world. From street fare to haute cuisine, it’s culinary scene teeters a fine line between innovation and tradition. Rather than attempting to emulate the food scene of the US and the world, many of the city’s top chefs are sticking to their historic treasures and utilizing local ingredients. The marriage between local suppliers and world renowned chefs are the main cause for the renaissance that has propelled the city’s cuisine as one of the world’s best.

Consume de Elote
Tlacoyo de Aguacate
Quesadilla Flor de Calabaza

Consume de Elote
Tlacoyo Xochimilco
Crepas de Huitlacoche
Asado Estilo Nahuatl

Consume de Elote

The Consume is a flavorful corn broth featuring  Dwelley Farms
sweet corn. It includes a pinch of huitlacoche (known as the
truffle of Mexico) and Dungeness crab.

Dwelley Farms Brentwood corn, huitlacoche, Dungeness crab, creme

Quesadilla Flor de Calabaza

Squash blossoms are back in season and so is the Quesadilla Flor
de Calabaza!

Squash blossoms, zucchini, epazote, brentwood corn, roasted
pasilla, goat cheese, chipotle sauce.

Tlacoyo Xochimilco

Considered the “Mexican Flatbread”, a Tlacoyo is a masa cake that
is usually stuffed with beans and cheese. It’s a common finding
throughout the city’s street fare and could be finished off with
a variety of toppings.

Xochimilco refers to one of the burroughs of Mexico City, most
known for its system canals stemming from Lake Xochimilco. It is
for that reason that Xochimilco is known as the “Venice of

Tlacoyos de Aguacate (lunch only)

Black beans, grilled avocado, peaches, cucumbers, salsa arbol,
queso fresco.

Tlacoyos Xochimilco (dinner only)

Black beans, corn, mushrooms, goat cheese, onion marmalade.

Crepas de Huitlacoche

A mainstay throughout some of the city’s best restaurants, Crepas
de Huitlacoche were first served in the 1950’s by Chef Jaime
Saldivar. Gabbi’s version incorporates the huitlacoche with
poached Lobster claw in a Brentwood corn broth.

Poached Lobster claw, huitlacoche, queso fresco mousse, Brentwood
corn broth.



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